Participation in the scientific conference "Advanced Materials and Technologies”

Representative from ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Ferroelectric Materials participated in the 23rd International ADVANCED MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES Conference - School. This year, among the topics discussed at the conference were Methods of Surface Analysis; Surface Engineering and Nanostructures; Electronic and Optical Materials; Ceramics; Polymers and Composites; Advanced Engineering Materials; Materials for Energy.

The young researcher participated at the poster session organized during the conference with a poster “Hydrothermal and Microwave Assisted Hydrothermal Synthesis of Sodium Bismuth Titanate”.

One of the highlights of the conference for the ISSP UL representative was a lecture of Ashok Vaseashta from International Clean Water Institute, USA on “Nanokibers of Nanofibers of High-Performance Electret Polymers for Tactile Sensing and Wearable Electronics”, which described methods for obtaining thin homogeneous dielectrics in thin films. Among the others, guest lecture by Morten Madsen from University of Southern Denmark on “Metal Oxide Interlayers for Scalable Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells”, where various technologies with which it is efficiently possible to grow thin monolithic perovskite on electrodes were described. The information obtained during the lectures will contribute to making NBT thin films and layered materials faster and more efficiently at the ISSP UL.


International ADVANCED MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES Conference – School is an international event intended for young scientists and PhD students interested in Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics. It is organized every year in the end of August in Palanga, Lithuania.


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