Microfluidics and Biomedical Technologies seminar

On December 6, 2023, a scientific seminar, “Microfluidics and Biomedical Technologies”, took place at the ISSP UL. The event kicked off with Prof. Dr. Anatolijs Šarakovskis and Dr. Andris Šternbergs setting the stage for a day of significant insights.

The first presentation, titled "Microfluidics in Biomedical Research," featured the expertise of Dr. sc. ing. Gatis Mozoļevskis and Dr. sc. ing. Roberts Rimša from the Micro and Nanodevices Laboratory (ISSP UL). Researchers delved into the intricate world of microfluidics and its essential role in biomedical research. The subsequent Q&A session provided a platform for participants to engage with the speakers, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas.

Following this, the spotlight shifted to Dr. habil. phys. Juris Purāns, the head of the Thin Films Laboratory. His presentation on "Biomedical Applications of Thin Films" was devoted to the sphere where thin films are indispensable in various biomedical contexts. The ensuing Q&A session facilitated a deeper understanding of the nuances within this field.

The seminar resumed with Dr. phys. Mārtiņš Zubkins, a leading researcher from the Thin Films Laboratory, shedding light on "Multifunctional, Antibacterial, Antiviral Coatings." His presentation explored the intersection of materials science and healthcare, showcasing the potential of coatings in preventing infections and enhancing medical devices. A brief Q&A session followed, providing a platform for clarifications and insights.

The event concluded with a discussion where participants could share their thoughts, exchange perspectives, and brainstorm future directions for research in microfluidics and biomedical technologies. The event served as a showcase of the latest advancements and a forum for fostering collaboration and innovation.