ISSP UL researchers participate in the annual Deep Tech Atelier event

We are currently experiencing a space science revolution era, during which many phenomena that seem like science fiction today will soon become reality. This industry still holds significant economic potential, providing bold encouragement to startups and representatives from various sectors. These were some of the key insights shared at the "Deep Tech Atelier 2024," the most ambitious science-intensive technology industry conference in the Baltics, which took place in Riga on May 16 and 17. This year, the conference attracted approximately 1,500 attendees from around the globe.

Featuring speakers from countries such as Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Finland, Japan, and the USA, as well as professionals from different fields, students, academics, and other enthusiasts, the conference was organized for the sixth time by the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA). This edition coincided with the European Space Agency Day.

The event, which unfolded across three stages, emphasized bio and space technologies and their current relevance in people’s lives. It underscored that space exploration goes beyond simply boarding a spaceship.

The ISSP UL representatives, including Gatis Mozoļevskis and Roberts Rimša from the Micro and Nanodevices Laboratory and co-founders of CellBox Labs, Aleksejs Zolotarjovs, head of the Optical Materials Laboratory, and Ainārs Knoks, a researcher from the Energy Materials Laboratory and a board member of "NeoHyTech," were among the speakers of the conference.

Deep Tech Atelier is the Baltics’ largest deep tech industry event, bringing together all stakeholders of the deep tech ecosystem: entrepreneurs, scientists and technology developers, investors, government, and public organizations. The two-day conference offers outstanding international speakers, pitch sessions, practical workshops, and excellent networking opportunities at B2B sessions.

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