Participation in CAMART2 RIX-STO partners workshop on strategic regional collaboration business model in Kista, Sweden

On June 16, the Director of the ISSP UL, Dr. phys. Andris Anspoks and representatives from the ISSP UL’s Materize unit for collaboration with industry – Olga Bogdanova and Alfs Raudis, participated in the workshop dedicated to the Strategic regional collaboration business model within the CAMART2 project and afterward between ISSP UL, KTH, and RISE. Current activities and approaches to collaboration with other research entities were discussed. Activities were grouped into two major groups: research cooperation and industry contracts.

Andris Anspoks proposed topical research themes that are priorities for ISSP UL. It was suggested that other partners (namely KTH and RISE) indicate interesting themes by selecting the 3-5 most important ones where partners complement each other. Furthermore, dedicated teams with focus areas are selected. Polymer photonics and fiber optics are the most interesting areas for cooperation with a focus on integration projects.

The head of the Materize sales unit Olga Bogdanova presented and discussed industry interests and shared her experience working on various projects. As a starting point, RISE representatives indicated their interest areas from ISSP UL themes with specifics.

The senior expert from the Materize Innovation unit Alfs Raudis presented a summary draft process and framework of the Strategic collaboration business model. The event was crucial for developing the RIX-STO service platform, with concrete activities that will continue in a partnership mode after the CAMART2 transition period. It was agreed to continue this effort - to design and implement a Strategic regional collaboration business model.  

It was concluded that two separate discussions with RISE and KTH are needed because of different organizational cultures and different synergy points.