Coordination meeting of CAMART2 project partners in Stockholm

On December 8-9, CAMART2 project partners ISSP UL, KTH, and RISE met in Stockholm to discuss the implementation of the project and its deliverables in 2021. During the meeting, CAMART2 WP leaders presented progress in a year 2021 and plans for 2022. Participants discussed, refined, and approved action plans for the next year, which were presented by each of the WP (1-7).

The Swedish partners were introduced to the Transition plan (actual deliverable of CAMART2), its structure and content. Strategy for collaboration of ISSP UL, KTH, and RISE after the end of the CAMART2 project in 2025 was also discussed and possible scenarios elaborated.

Part of the meeting was devoted to project management issues, especially to the ones concerning the prolongation of CAMART2 project for one more year, which was recently approved by the European Commission. Corrections of action plans and possible budget redistribution and allocation were in the focus of several sessions. Most of the sessions were devoted to the analysis of the achievements and faults in reaching the planned Key Performance Indicators. One of the sessions concerned the stage of readiness of deliverables to be implemented in the project report due on 31 January 2022.