Young ISSP UL researcher – one of the faces of the new Research Latvia calendar 2023

On January 17, the Latvian National Television morning program “Rīta Panorāma” showed a video story about the Research Latvia exhibition representing portraits of scientists featured in the new science calendar. ISSP UL’s leading researcher and the head of the Laboratory of Optical Materials, Aleksejs Zolotarjovs, is one of the twelve researchers representing different scientific fields and institutions chosen as the faces of the Research Latvia calendar 2023.

His daily work is devoted to researching and creating various luminescent coatings and engaging in other research projects. He works on smart buoys for monitoring water quality, studies crystals, and synthesizes nanoparticles for multiple applications, from displays to medicine.

The calendar was created, and the exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia to draw the general public’s attention to scientists’ work and strengthen public understanding of science’s role in the country’s development, society, and future. That is why the place of the exhibition is Āgenskalns Market in Riga, where people of all ages and life paths meet.

The exhibition is free and open to anyone till January 26. Visitors can learn more about each of the researchers represented in the calendar and their work by scanning a QR code and watching a three-minute video.

After the exhibition at the Āgenskalns Market ends, it will turn into a travelling exhibition and will visit Latvian universities and scientific institutions, as well as various cultural and public places around Latvia.

Video story in Latvian

Video story about Aleksejs Zolotarjovs