LAS newspaper publishes a conversation with the assistant to the director of the ISSP UL about his career path and passions outside science

In the latest issue of the newspaper Zinātnes Vēstnesis published by the Latvian Academy of Science, Latvian Council of Science, and the Latvian Union of Scientists, a conversation with the assistant to the director of the ISSP UL, academician Andris Krūmiņš about the peaks of scientific, academic, administrative careers and mountains.

In the conversation, Andris talks about his choice to study physics, starting his career as a researcher in the Laboratory of Semiconductor Physics Problems and continuing it in the Laboratory of Solid-State Physics. He also talks about defending his doctoral thesis, working abroad, and the duties of the head of the Laboratory of Electro-Optics at the then newly founded ISSP UL. At the end of 1982, Andris became the head of the Department of Ferroelectric Physics at the ISSP UL, in the spring of 1984 - the deputy director for science, and from 1992 to 1999 - the director of the institute.

Andris Krūmiņš also shares that he is passionate about mountain hikes and organizes trips to the mountains for the Institute’s current and former employees and their families. Since 1998, Andris has organized 23 trips that included easier and more difficult mountain walks. He believes that everyone, big and small, should move because without movement, there is neither health nor vigor.

Full text in Latvian