ISSP UL’s researcher Anatolijs Popovs stands out as one of the most prolific authors at the University of Latvia

In 2023, the University of Latvia (UL) achieved its highest volume of scientific publications to date, marking a unique milestone not only for UL but also for all Latvian scientific institutions, as reported by the abstract and citation database Scopus.

Data reveals a consistent upward trend in the volume of publications and citations by UL researchers since 2017, with the number of publications rising from 646 in 2017 to 1098 in 2023 (as of 13.02.2024). This marks the third consecutive year with over a thousand publications, indicating a continuing growth trajectory in 2024.

Last year, more than half of UL’s scientific publications were classified as high-quality, falling within the first and second quartiles, totaling 728 (as of 13.02.2024). This represents a doubling of high-quality publications since 2019, when there were 363, highlighting UL’s rapid progress towards the top 350 universities globally.

In 2023, UL led publications in the fields of physics and astronomy, as well as materials science and engineering. Among the most productive authors, Anatolijs Popovs, a leading researcher at ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Kinetics in Self-Organizing Systems of the Institute of Solid State Physics, stands out.