Young ISSP UL researcher Inga Pudža in June issue of Forbes Latvija

The cover story of the June issue of Forbes Latvija is devoted to the young researcher from ISSP UL’s EXAFS Spectroscopy Laboratory, Inga Pudža. Inga won the prestigious L’Oreal Baltic - UNESCO “For Women in Science” award in 2021 for her work on the research of the smart material copper molybdate (CuMoO4).

In the interview, the young researcher talks about her journey as a researcher and how and why future students become scientists. She explains that she already liked and was good at sciences during school, so she chose to study physics at the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics, and Optometry of the University of Latvia. Once she completed her bachelor’s studies, she knew she would continue her master’s and doctoral studies. Inga started working in the ISSP UL when she was just a second-year student.

In May, Inga successfully defended her doctoral thesis Impact of the local structure on the thermochromic properties of copper molybdate and its solid solutions. The work focused on thermochromic materials, which change their color and structure under the influence of temperature.


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