The ISSP UL obtains a patent for an innovative yttrium monoxide film deposition method

The ISSP UL has recently been granted a patent for an innovative method in nanocoating production. The patent, credited to Halil Arslan, a research assistant at the institute’s Thin Films Laboratory, focuses on depositing semi-conducting nanocoatings through plasma vacuum technologies.

The patented method involves a carefully orchestrated process of reactive magnetron sputtering, specifically for depositing yttrium monoxide films. The key steps include preparing a vacuum chamber, activating the magnetron for sputtering, optimizing pressure conditions, and achieving the desired coating thickness before deactivating the magnetron.

This breakthrough enhances the efficiency of nanocoating production and ensures the resulting films possess unique semi-conducting properties. The implications of this innovation extend across various industries, promising advancements in electronics and materials science.

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