The ISSP UL – a leader among institutes in the FLPP annual open call

In the 2024 Fundamental and Applied Research Project (FLPP) competition organized by the Latvian Council of Science, 596 project applications were received from 30 scientific institutions. This year, the competition benefits from a state budget allocation of 28.6 million euros, with each project eligible for a maximum funding of 300 thousand euros. The available funding will support around 90 scientific projects, requiring 178.5 million euros to fund all submitted projects.

The highest number of applications came from leading universities, namely the University of Latvia (153 as primary applicants and 24 as partners) and Riga Technical University (137 as primary applicants and 21 as partners), as well as from institutes like the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia (57 as primary applicants and 11 as partners).

At present, experts from the Latvian Council of Science are evaluating the submitted projects to assess their compliance with the administrative criteria. Projects meeting the necessary standards will proceed to the scientific evaluation phase, scheduled to continue until the end of July. This evaluation phase involves the participation of two foreign scientists tasked with assessing each project over a period of two months.

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