The 38th scientific conference of the ISSP UL

The 38th Scientific Conference of the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia, took place online from 22 to 24 February. During the conference, the ISSP UL researchers presented their research to the participants from the ISSP UL and other Latvian and foreign research institutions. The conference aimed to inform colleagues about the achievements of the ISSP UL’s laboratories, look for cooperation opportunities, and train the presentation skills of students and young scientists.

The conference was divided into the following sessions: optical materials; structure and morphology; theory and modelling; organic materials; micro- and nanofabrication/equipment and devices; materials for energy applications; thin films and coatings. This year’s conference introduced the following novelties:

  1. Each day of the conference began with an invited talk by experts in their field: Dr. Phys. Aleksejs Kuzmins, Dr. Phys. Anatoli Popov, and Dr. Phys. Andris Antuzevičs. The talks attracted much attention among scientists and students both inside and outside the institute.
  2. All the topics were presented in English. Given the growing number of international students and young researchers at the ISSP UL, an environment has been created in which they too can feel comfortable.

Conference organizer, Dr. Phys. Anatolijs Šarakovskis commented after the event: “I think the conference was successful. I have heard good, very good and even excellent presentations with high-quality and significant scientific results. The participants were introduced to the research carried out in our laboratories, and this was a great occasion to meet new colleagues.” He also invited the participants to submit their research in the form of articles to scientific journals, for example, the Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences.


The ISSP UL’s Scientific Conference is an annual event taking place within the frame of the annual Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia in February.

The conference program and thesis are available here.