Representatives of ISSP UL participate in Physics Teachers’ Day

The ISSP UL has a passion for science and the Institute’s people are keen on sharing their enthusiasm with the school youth – future scientists. Many of the present day researchers admit that their first inspiration to take an interest in science came from their teachers at school. On November 27, the virtual Physics Teachers’ Day took place, during which a diverse and rich program was offered - lectures and demonstrations by scientists, sharing of international experience, as well as some tips and advices from practitioners. The aim of the event was to suggest ideas on how to make the schools’ physics curriculum more diverse and appealing to the students. 

Leading researcher from the ISSP UL’ s Laboratory of Radiation Physics Jānis Teteris and senior expert from the ISSP UL’s Materize innovation unit Alfs Raudis demonstrated a series of holographic experiments tailored for the use at schools – those could be demonstrated by teachers with the involvement of the students. Three experiments of different complexity were shown: 1) recording and reading of the holographic diffraction grating; 2) recording and reading of transmission holograms; 3) holographic recording of a 3-dimensional object.

The event was organized by the Latvian Physics Teachers’ Association and Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association (LETERA) with the support of internet portal


Event’s program in Latvian