Visit to discuss possible cooperation with Italian companies

On June 4-6, ISSP UL Deputy Director for innovation Andris Anspoks and Ilze Aulika (ISSP UL MATERIZE sales unit) ) within the framework CAMART2 project visited ComfTech s.r.l. (Monza), OPTEC S.p.A (Parabiago), Kilometro Rosso S.p.A. (Bergamo) and Petroceramics S.p.A. (Stezzano) companies in Italy with the aim to present ISSP and Materize activities and discuss about possibilities of collaboration.

ComfTech design and produce sensing garments easy to dress and use for continuous non-intrusive monitoring of biomedical parameters. Comftech smart garments enable accurate measurement of a range of physiological parameters and offer reliable, continuous and non-invasive monitoring.

Founded in 1985, OPTEC SpA is the Italian firm reference leader in optical, optoelectronic and optomechanical sector, in Europe and in the World. OPTEC customized development for many Industry sectors, represents the engine of our high standards solutions.

Kilometro Rosso Innovation District is one of the leading private hub for innovation in Europe. Kilometro Rosso is where Business and Research meet: located in the heart of Lombardy Region, it brings together companies, universities and research centers, in order to foster innovation processes in the manufacturing industry.

Petroceramics S.p.A. is located within the Kilometro Rosso Science & Technology Park in Stezzano (Bergamo). Petroceramics S.p.A. was founded in 2003 as the first spin-off of the University of Milan. Petroceramics S.p.A. has an internal research and development laboratory which enables the rapid characterization of both own and customer’s materials including analysis services and consultancy services on ceramics and petrology.

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