Epoxy and Resin Technology Conference

Researcher Jānis Teteris from ISSP UL Laboratory of Optical Recording participated in the Epoxy and Resin Technology Conference with the invited report in Stockholm, Sweden on May 13-16.

The Epoxy and Resin Technology Conference is an interdisciplinary environment which provides an opportunity for researchers from industry, academia and research centers to come together to review their collective progress, consider the latest developments and discuss the future challenges in epoxy and resins technology. Presentations cover topics such as application status and development prospects of general and specific epoxy resins; market analysis of epoxy resins; new techniques and products relating to adhesives, coatings, pouring materials, casting materials, plastic packaging materials and compound materials; and an introduction to new techniques and products on curing agents, accelerators, diluents, additives, modifiers and fillers.


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