Participation in Electrum Lab’s theoretical and safety training about Wet Chemistry

On July 27-28, the Head of the ISSP UL’s Cleanroom Maintenance and Development Group visited KTH, Electrum lab Cleanroom in Kista, Sweden, to attend theoretical and safety training and demonstrations about Wet Chemistry: HF (Hydrofluoric), NaOH (Sodium hydroxide), PIRANHA (7-UP)- H2SO4+H2O2 (sulfuric acid with hydrogen peroxide), PAN (Phosphoric Acid (85% wt), Acetic Acid (Glacial), Nitric Acid (70%), and DI water in a 16:1:1:2 usage in cleanrooms.

The training provided new knowledge and experience in the automatic acid utilization process and drain system materials which will be used at the Cleanroom facility at the ISSP UL.  The event was organized by Electrum Lab, KTH.