Nano RAY-T has installed the first in the Baltic Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) reactor, a media platform providing information from and about Latvian startups, technologies, innovations and science to the world, has published an article about Nano RAY-T - a Latvian high-tech company with strong Technology Platform. The reactor, manufactured by the company, allows vertical carbon nanotubes to be \"grown\" for future technology development. Nano Ray-T produces not only reactors, but also the material itself - vertical carbon nanotubes. One way to use vertical carbon nanotubes is to incorporate them as anode materials into lithium-ion batteries. This scenario is expected to increase battery capacity by more than five times.

\"This is a big thing. Now we will be able to develop new technologies in Latvia and advance Latvia in this field on a global scale. The reactor allows us to develop new technologies where these vertical carbon nanotubes can be used. Of course, they can also be used in existing ones,” says Marija Korabovska, the head of Nano Ray-T.

In 2020, Nano RAY-T together with the ISSP UL developed the first laboratory prototype for a lithium-ion battery with vertical carbon nanotubes manufactured by Nano Ray-T. \"The laboratory prototype is already four times larger,\" says Korabovska. There are more tests with different combinations of other materials to find the best option. The next step will be an industrial prototype that could attract investment to produce material in larger amount.


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