Leading ISSP UL scientists talk about organs-on-chips on commercial radio

On June 17, ISSP UL’s leading researcher from the Laboratory of Micro and Nanodevices, Dr. sc. ing. Roberts Rimša, together with the head of the laboratory of the Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Center PhD Artūrs Ābols, were guests at the Latvian commercial radio station SWH on the program Intelligence Will Save the World (“Prāts izglāba pasauli”). Both scientists are the co-founders of the start-up company "Cellbox Lab". Their company is working on organ-on-a-chip technology that will help make medicine more affordable. Also, the technology will make it possible to reduce the number of animals used in scientific experiments, so it can be said that this technology will help save not only human lives but also animal lives.

Program Intelligence Will Save the World tells its audience about the latest technologies and innovations made in Latvia, which can help people in their everyday lives. The program’s host, science enthusiast Ieva Siliņa, invites experts and well-known Latvian scientists to search for answers to questions that jointly affect us all.

The program recording in Latvian is available in the radio archive from 17th June.

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