KTH’s Research Methodology & Scientific Writing for Nanotechnology course for ISSP UL’s researchers

On September 2, the first lecture of the course “Research Methodology & Scientific Writing for Nanotechnology” led by Professor Jiantong Li (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)) took place online. The course includes total of 7 lectures, which will be held in September and October of 2021. The fact that the lectures will be attended by both students of KTH and researchers of ISSP UL will allow to gain an insight into the education process of KTH. The recordings of the lectures will also be available.


The course includes both theoretical lectures and workshops. The following topics will be covered during the course: Research Planning, Scientific Methods, Sustainability, Scientific Writing, Peer Review, Oral Presentation, and Research Ethics. The ISSP UL’s participants have a choice of participating in the training process actively by performing tasks and passively by only listening. The active participants are expected to build up a research group (2 members/group), propose and plan a small research project, carry out the project, write the project report, review the peers’ report, present the project and oppose peers’ presentation, and submit final report. To obtain a certificate of mastering the course, participants must succeed in all the above-mentioned tasks.


A total of 63 participants from ISSP UL will take part in the course: 12 of them aim at obtaining the certificate, 30 will listen to the online lectures and the rest will take the course on their own offline by watching the recordings.


The course is one of the joint activities of CAMART2 cooperation partners – ISSP UL and KTH.