ISSP UL’s scientist expands knowledge on XPS/UPS techniques at Thermo Fisher Scientific

The head of the ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Spectroscopy, Dr. phys. Anatolijs Šarakovskis visited Thermo Fisher Scientific – a producer of the X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) measurement system ESCALAB 250 Xi that was installed in the Laboratory of Spectroscopy in 2019 thanks to the Camart2 infrastructure upgrade project. Since then, it has been extensively used by scientists of different ISSP UL’s laboratories and it has helped to produce several publications in a highly ranked scientific journal. The system is also used by industrial partners, for example, GroGlass to study the surface of coatings on various substrates for different applications.

During the visit, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s scientists shared their knowledge and experience on advanced features of the system and measurement techniques, including Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy, Reflected Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy, Ion Scattering Spectroscopy, Angle Resolved XPS and XPS imaging

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a supplier of scientific instrumentation, reagents and consumables, and software services.