ISSP UL scientists work on technologies to improve image quality for application in telescopes

ISSP UL researchers work on innovative methods to improve image quality in videos and pictures of the cosmos, Latvian Television reported on February 25.

When taking pictures or filming videos in low light conditions, the image quality decreases. There are currently technologies in the world that allow great improvements in the quality of pictures, but they are relatively expensive or time consuming. ISSP UL researchers from three laboratories (Laboratory of Visual Perception, Laboratory of Optical Materials and Laboratory of Materials Morphology and Structure Investigations) have carried out the research "New optical and mathematical methods to improve image quality". As a result of the study new approach using adaptive optics technologies, combined with mathematical techniques that quickly eliminate distortions in the image was developed. The innovative technology also could be used with relatively simple and inexpensive cameras. In the coming years, the methods developed in Latvia may be applied to telescopes around the world and the same methods could be used in military cameras or to study objects under human skin.

The research "New optical and mathematical methods to improve image quality" carried out by the ISSP UL scientists - Dr. phys. Varis Karitans, Dr. phys. Sergejs Fomins, Dr.habil.phys. Maris Ozolins, Mg. Katrina Laganovska and Mg. Karlis Kundzins is among the receivers of the Latvian Academy of Sciences President’s Letter of Commendation in 2020.

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