ISSP UL scientist shares insights at Young Physicists’ Career Forum

On February 24, the first Career Forum of the School of Young Physicists unfolded at the UL House of Science amid the L`Universs study festival tailored for school students. Attendees, including students and parents, delved into the myriad and often overlooked prospects stemming from pursuing physics studies.

The forum featured insightful narratives from recent graduates, engaging interactive activities with partner companies, and a concluding panel discussion with experts spanning diverse STEM fields aimed at deciphering the trajectory after higher education in STEM. Among the participants of the discussion “What to do with higher education in STEM?” was Roberts Rimša, ISSP UL’s leading researcher from the Micro and Nanodevices Laboratory and co-founder of Cellbox Labs.


The School of Young Physicists of the University of Latvia aims to introduce pupils to the field of physics and higher education to show how exciting it could be, decrease the drop-out rate in the first two years of study and increase the quality of education.