ISSP UL researchers are among Latvia’s top scientists honoured for remarkable achievements

On February 23, the evening news program “Panorāma” of the Latvian National Television shared a story about the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LAS) awards ceremony dedicated to honouring the top Latvian scientific achievements of 2023.

ISSP UL’s researcher from the Laboratory of Kinetics in Self-Organizing Systems, Guntars Zvejnieks, was among the interviewees of the story as the work of Zvejnieks and Eugene Kotomin (from the same ISSP UL laboratory) was named as one of the most significant scientific achievements of 2023 in Latvia. Their study was devoted to the production of hydrogen more efficiently. Currently, the method is still in the development stage, but the researchers hope to one day bring it to industrial use.

The LAS annual awards ceremony has become a tradition - every year, the ten best achievements in science of the previous year are celebrated. In 2023, the ISSP UL researcher’s work has been recognized along with the research on the production of more effective medicines, research on wastewater during Covid-19, Latvian emigrants in Great Britain, and the history of painting in the Baltic Sea region.

In a country where the pursuit of scientific excellence often contends with financial constraints, Latvia proudly celebrates the ingenuity and dedication of its brightest minds. Despite challenges posed by limited funding compared to its European counterparts, Latvia’s scientific community continues to shine.

The full “Panorāma” story about the event in Latvian.

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