ISSP UL participates in promoting science to school youth

From October 7 to 29, the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia organizes second of “SCIENCE.ZOOMED.IN” series – online conversations with 20 Latvian researchers helping to discover the exciting nature of various branches of science. The target audience of the event are secondary school students from grades 9 to 12. 

The second conversation of this event was with leading researcher Dr.Phys. Marija Dunce from ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Ferroelectric Materials. One of her research tasks is to obtain new, human- and environment-friendly ferroelectric materials with improved properties. The researcher also studies an interesting effect that causes these materials to cool during electrical exposure and she also studies piezoelectrics that "feel", transform and produce. More about D. Dunce’s research here.

The young students were able to find out: What is science and how diverse and different is research in different fields of science? Where do scientists work and what skills do they need? How to choose your field of science or study? What could be the contribution of scientists to business? Why does the state and society need science?

SCIENCE.ZOOMED.IN takes place with the support of ERDF project No “Integrated national level measures for strengthening interest representations for research and development of Latvia as part of European Research Area”.

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