ISSP UL looks for cooperation opportunities in space technology research

Customer solutions manager from ISSP UL’s Materize platform Dr.phys. Ilze Aulika participated in the Aerospace & Defense meetings, which took place in Torino, Italy on 1-2 December 2021.

The aim was to represent Materize platform (established for cooperation with the industry within the CAMART2 project) at the Aerospace & Defense meetings, which covered several topics in line with the platform’s R&D service activities offering opportunities to meet new customers and partners. Topics of interest for future cooperation: organic matrixes, electronics, sensors, energy and power conditioning, multi-functional materials, coatings, physical science instrumentation, physical and chemical sensors, electro-optical devices, laser systems and technologies, optical instrumentation and sensors. Among the companies interested in cooperation with the ISSP UL, most of them were eager to collaborate on European Space Agency’s calls for proposals.

ISSP UL has opened a new page in space technology research since Latvia has become an associate member of the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2020. The membership provides new potentialities for the applications developed at the ISSP UL. The institute is happy to share its experience and expertise with anyone who has ideas for future ESA projects. The first ESA project implemented at the ISSP UL is the study of the applications of wavefront sensor in wireless optical communications.

Aerospace & Defense Meetings Torino is the only international business convention for the aerospace and defense industry organized in Italy, tailored to the needs of its participants. All participating companies have the chance of meeting and building up targeted business relations and developing new projects with companies from all over the world.

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