ISSP UL Deputy Director for Science represents Latvia at the 61st Fusion for Energy Board Meeting in Barcelona

The Deputy Director for Science of the ISSP UL, Dr. habil. phys. Andris Šternbergs recently took part in the extraordinary 61st Fusion for Energy Board meeting held in Barcelona. The meeting served as a platform for in-depth discussions on addressing critical challenges related to the construction of ITER, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor located in Cadarache, France.

The 61st Fusion for Energy Board meeting in Barcelona brought together key stakeholders, experts, and decision-makers from various countries to deliberate on the pressing issues concerning the progress of the ITER project. During the meeting, the participants focused on a range of crucial problems affecting the successful completion of the ITER project.

Andris Šternbergs’ active participation at the 61st Fusion for Energy Board meeting underscores Latvia’s commitment to supporting collaborative efforts in the field of fusion energy research. By engaging in constructive dialogues and contributing to problem-solving initiatives, Andris Šternbergs has demonstrated Latvia’s dedication to advancing scientific innovation and sustainable energy solutions on a global scale.