ISSP UL capabilities and services presented in the AUSA Annual Meeting

In early October 2023, Olga Bogdanova, the Sales Director of Materize, participated in the Association of the United States Army’s (AUSA) Annual Meeting, North America’s largest land power exposition and professional development forum. This three-day event drew a record 41,000 registered attendees from over 80 countries. It served as a key communication platform for the US Army to educate various stakeholders on Army priorities and relevant issues.

During the event, the Materize representative had the opportunity to introduce the exhibitors to the fields of expertise and services offered by the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia (ISSP UL). The aim was to develop new contacts and expand ISSP UL’s business opportunities within this international gathering, which featured 755 defense industry partners from over 80 countries.

Even though Materize was represented by only one participant at the AUSA, Olga Bogdanova had productive discussions with 34 companies. Notably, she engaged in a successful meeting with Inventus Power (the leading provider of advanced battery and power systems for global OEMs) business developer Aaron Hobbs, during which they explored battery development and ISSP UL’s capabilities and prospects for collaboration.

Another successful meeting took place with HIT (High Impact Technology), which is developing multiple advanced impact, durable coating, corrosion, composite strengthening, ballistic and blast protective technologies. In this meeting, we conversed with Russ Monk, Director of Operations, about Protective Coating Systems and ISSP UL’s capabilities in that area.

A separate meeting with the US Army Corps of Engineers, represented by Marcus Ferguson, provided a platform to discuss energy and hydrogen technology. This interaction may yield leads for ISSP UL services and potential courses related to hydrogen and hydrogen technologies.

Olga Bogdanova also had the privilege of attending discussions at the Latvian Embassy, where she interacted with the Ambassador and representatives from other Latvian companies. These discussions revolved around the USA market and defense market opportunities.

During the event, Materize also secured agreements for future collaboration with the Georgia Tech Research Institute and the Michigan Military Academy.

After the AUSA, Olga Bogdanova held private meetings with Bill Cameron, Co-Founder of Velos Solutions, during which solidified plans for mutual collaboration were discussed, and Joshua Stinson, Chief Growth Officer, during which potential for ISSP UL in the fields of intellectual property and coatings were explored.