ISSP UL and KITECH forge a path in international scientific collaboration

In a move towards global scientific cooperation, the ISSP UL and the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) have officially entered into a Memorandum of Understanding. The signing ceremony, held at the ISSP UL’s state-of-the-art facilities, marks the beginning of a promising partnership that spans the realms of materials science, renewable energy resources, and various other scientific fields.

The signing event was graced by the presence of the KITECH delegation, led by Kyoung-Tae Park, director of the Korea Institute for Rare Metals, and Lee Ro Woon, the institute’s global innovation representative. The discussions that ensued between the two institutions focused on potential joint research initiatives, technology transfer, and collaborative development projects. Notably, the South Korean delegation unveiled an ambitious plan to establish a KITECH branch in Europe, specifically targeting the northern and eastern regions, including the Baltic States.

The ISSP UL’s director, Andris Anspoks, and KITECH representative, Kyoung-Tae Park, put pen to paper, formalizing the commitment to fostering the partnership. Following the signing ceremony, the ISSP UL’s deputy director for science, Andris Šternbergs, took the initiative to introduce the South Korean guests to the cutting-edge research and facilities housed within the institute.

The tour of the ISSP UL’s laboratories showcased the institute’s dedication to excellence in scientific exploration. The KITECH delegation was given firsthand insights into the Nanotechnology Center, Laboratory of Spectroscopy, Laboratory of Organic Materials, Laboratory of Materials for Energy Harvesting and Storage, and Thin Films Laboratory. These state-of-the-art facilities underscore ISSP UL’s commitment to advancing research in various scientific domains.

KITECH, founded in 1989 as a national research institute in South Korea, has been instrumental in developing technologies to support domestic industries, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises. With over 2000 employees, KITECH has positioned itself as a hub of innovation, and its foray into Europe through establishing a branch aligns with its commitment to global collaboration.

The Memorandum of Understanding signifies a formal agreement between ISSP UL and KITECH and represents a significant step towards fostering cross-cultural exchanges, knowledge sharing, and collaborative breakthroughs in science and technology.