ISSP UL among the supporters of the established future mobility consortium in Latvia

To strengthen Latvia’s position in the transport and mobility sector, the cross-sectoral cooperation organization Green and Smart Technologies Cluster, together with innovative companies and research institutions in this field, has established the Future Mobility Consortium. The Future mobility consortium aims to promote Latvia’s capabilities within the mobility sector while developing the industry nationally. The consortium joins stakeholders – merchants, research institutions, public partners, and aims to foster new initiatives, exchange opinions, and cross-sectoral collaboration.

Member of the Board of Green-Tech Latvia Salvis Roga points out that mobility is the backbone of a modern and effective economy. Therefore, this sector will undergo notable changes within the context of the European Green Deal. The transition towards a sustainable economy will be challenging, but it presents many opportunities for Latvia. But only through stakeholder interaction, change of mindset, and sustainable and coordinated approach to tackling challenges, the mobility sector can achieve successful development.

Future mobility is considered to be multimodal and is dominated by green and smart technologies – from green fuel to IoT and AI. Green-Tech Latvia’s future mobility direction serves as a platform uniting various mobility players and providing them with unique growth opportunities.

Green-Tech Latvia connects the most rapidly growing local companies with a significant share of exports and considerable development potential. The cluster includes sectors that are crucial for the sustainable development of Latvia and are the priority sectors of the smart specialization strategy – mechanical engineering, information and communication technologies, space tech, energy-efficient buildings, efficient production, and sustainable materials. The cluster’s synergy allows to successfully use resources at hand and foster the development of Latvia’s national economy.

The Future mobility consortium is supported by LMT, Ferrus, Electrify, Fiqsy, CityBee, Lesla Technologies, TransfoElectric, Global Wolf Motors, HyMet, Riga Technical University, Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia, Latvian Startup association “Startin.LV”,, and Z-Triton.