Internship in HERLAND LAB

From August 7 till September 3, 2022, Gunita Paidere, an engineer from ISSP UL’s Laboratory of Micro and Nanodevices, went for an experience exchange internship at HERLAND LAB to work on protein characterization using solid-state nanopores. The internship was done in the KTH’s division of Micro and Nanosystems in Stockholm, Sweden.


During this month, Gunita Paidere learned to make solid-state nanopores in SiNx membranes using a controlled dielectric breakdown method. She also learned to characterize solid-state nanopores based on electrical measurements. During her visit, Gunita Paidere analyzed bovine serum albumin in different pH buffer solutions to see how much it affected the nature of the measurements.


During the internship, she made many valuable contacts from the KTH division of Micro and Nanosystems and Anna Herland’s Lab. She got introduced to research done by many of her colleagues both in the division of Micro and Nanosystems and in Anna Herland’s lab. The knowledge, experience, and contacts gained during this time will be helpful for future collaborations and experience exchanges with Swedish colleagues. The acquired knowledge and skills will be valuable when working in the laboratory at the ISSP UL.


The internship was made possible thanks to the support of the CAMART2 project.


Herland Lab is a research group focused on In vitro neural models and Hybrid Bioelectrical Systems. The research aims to understand neuronal interactions with other neural and neurovascular cells, specifically in terms of metabolic function and neuronal activity. The core technology is based on human primary and stem cell-derived neural cells combined with fluidic and electronic device construction.