Highlights from the 8th Baltic Electrochemistry Conference

ISSP UL’s researchers actively engaged in the 8th Baltic Electrochemistry Conference, held from April 14th to 17th, 2024, in Tartu, Estonia. Gints Kucinskis, representing ISSP UL’s Energy Materials Laboratory, alongside colleagues Gunārs Bajārs, Guntars Vaivars, and Jūlija Hodakovska, delivered presentations on their findings and absorbed insights into the latest developments in battery materials, supercapacitors, catalytic reactions, and advanced material characterization.

Throughout the event, ISSP UL’s team engaged in in-depth discussions with counterparts such as Alar Janes from Tartu University and Linas Vilciauskas from Vilnius University, exploring avenues for potential collaboration. Notably, plans were formulated to provide A. Janes with ISSP UL’s Na-ion cathode material for developing a Na-ion battery cell. Additionally, discussions revolved around a joint paper with L. Vilciauskas and the prospect of submitting a joint project application, although the feasibility of meeting the impending deadline remains uncertain.

Jūlija Hodakovska, a scientist from ISSP UL, showcased her research through a poster presentation, fostering dialogue with peers from Estonia, Norway, and France. These interactions outlined future research trajectories and potential cooperative endeavors. Attending various lectures broadened her understanding of research methodologies and experimental opportunities available at institutions like MAX IV in Sweden, enhancing her capacity to evaluate the Energy Materials Laboratory’s suitability for participation in diverse projects.

The Latvian delegation was invited to host the forthcoming Baltic Electrochemistry Conference in two to three years in Riga, underscoring the recognition of their contributions to the field.

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