H2020 Teaming Club meeting goes online

The epidemiological situation in the world has also affected the Horizon 2020 Teaming Club meeting this year. It was initially planned to be held in Czech Republic, but instead it took place online on June 3. This time the meeting was organized by the projects themselves in more informal atmosphere. The objective was to share the best practice, discuss and talk to each other about any pressing issue. The winners of both Teaming calls from Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and several advanced partners’ countries discussed the topics, which were divided in two parts – one for each generation of Teaming Club project phase followed by a summary of each part.

Participants of the first generation Teaming Club phase projects talked about sustainability - funds for the second half of the projects and beyond; reporting and comments received; COVID and implementation of the projects; collaborations between Teamings. Participants of the second generation Teaming phase projects had a round table with short presentations of projects; main challenges at the start; recruitment of researchers; main questions for Teamings of the first generation.

The Teaming Club is a free association of all the Teaming centres and serves as a platform for exchange of experience with building the Teaming centres of excellence.