Gaining useful insight at Estonian Hydrogen Days 2023

A representative from ISSP UL’s Materize platform and hydrogen researcher at the Laboratory of Materials for Energy Harvesting and Storage, Pēteris Lesničenoks, attended Estonian Hydrogen Days in Tartu, Estonia, on May 24-26. This year’s theme was “Linking economic growth to climate goals”.

During the event, a conference, expo and workshop were organized. ISSP UL’s representative had an opportunity to meet and discuss green hydrogen with various industry and science contacts. Pēteris had an interesting conversation with the Dutch ambassador to Estonia on renewables. Discussions on possible future funding were limited, as opportunities for Estonian financing were dedicated to their infrastructure. Collaboration with the energy company “Enefit” remains possible if a good call can be found. Other contacts met during the expo were mainly interested in the general pilot project phase and not specifically in scientific collaborations – unless they were Horizon calls. Some of the contacted companies were investors more interested in implementation and less in science.

Thanks to CAMART2, the ISSP UL representative could gain insight into how other countries plan to implement hydrogen technologies. In Estonia, the possibility of introducing hydrogen ferries is being discussed, and next year they plan to start operating 30 hydrogen taxis. This means even the local oil industry strongly investigates hydrogen.

From talks with industry representatives, it became clear that the use of local wood and rapeseed in the Baltics and the production of refined oil, bio-oils, methanol or even sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) was promising if it came from green carbon. That is why for hydrogen investigation, attention should also be paid to calls for green carbon, as it is currently the most attractive topic for investors.

The aim of the Estonian Hydrogen Days 2023 was to contribute to the launch of the Estonian hydrogen economy by bringing together representatives from the public and private sectors, a wider international audience, and stakeholders. The event promoted international cooperation and investment certainty and raised public awareness of the green revolution and its potential by demonstrating the technology.


More information about the event is available from the event’s webpage.