Exploring frontiers at the EPS Forum 2024

Dr. habil. phys. Andris Šternbergs, the Deputy Director for Science at the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia, attended the EPS Forum 2024 held at the Henry Ford Building, Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany. As a European Physical Society (EPS) member, Dr. Šternbergs participated in this gathering to engage with fellow physicists and delve into the latest advancements in the field.

The EPS Forum 2024 provided a platform for physicists from around the world to discuss various topics spanning fundamental principles to practical applications. The event featured presentations by notable figures, including Nobel laureates and distinguished scientists, covering a wide range of subjects such as ultrafast electron dynamics, quantum metrology, fluorescence microscopy, and research funding strategies.

Speakers at the forum shared their insights and research findings, offering valuable perspectives on contemporary issues in physics. Topics included the study of attosecond light pulses for understanding electron dynamics, advancements in quantum metrology, high-resolution microscopy techniques, and tips for securing research grants.

Aside from the formal presentations, the EPS Forum facilitated networking opportunities for participants to connect with peers and explore potential collaborations. Discussions were lively as researchers exchanged ideas, shared experiences, and discussed possibilities for interdisciplinary cooperation, fostering a sense of community among attendees.

The EPS Forum 2024 proved to be an enriching experience for Dr. Andris Šternbergs and fellow participants, providing a forum for intellectual exchange and collaboration in the field of physics. Armed with new knowledge and insights gained from the event, Dr. Šternbergs returned to the ISSP UL institution with renewed enthusiasm and a deeper appreciation for the global community of physicists.