Exchange of experience with KTH and RISE on procurements and research support

On 3 February, ISSP UL’s head of the Legal Department, Elīna Lodīte, participated in several meetings held with KTH and RISE representatives on the process and experience in the partners’ organizations with the procurement process and best practices to be adopted by the ISSP UL. Good experiences were learned about using frame agreements and general process arrangement. Practical insights from KTH, such as Director of Electrum Lab Nils Nordelland, representative of Procurement group Karin Edoff and RISE scientists. Elīna Lodīte also visited Electrum Lab and could see the materials’ process in practice, which proved to be a valuable addition to the discussions.

The key topics discussed between CAMART2 Swedish partners and ISSP UL representative were about exceptions/regulations the Swedish law allows in science purchases to facilitate a prompt supply of necessary goods and services when materials are needed quickly for the experiments or works to be performed.

Elīne Lodīte also learned about the main procurement methods usually applied at KTH for planned and unplanned consumables, the way KTH plans and carries out purchases of chemicals and other consumables needed for research, whether KTH has centralized/decentralized internal inventory or stock for chemicals and consumables, and the general process for researchers – what it takes from the need of consumables until they have them at their disposal.

Elīna Lodīte ended her trip to Swedish partners by visiting KTH Research Support Office and learning about the processes being provided by this department. Detailed discussions were held on the general process and best practices, especially in the context of international projects in the HE framework and others.