European Researcher’s night 2019

European Researchers’ Nights are public events dedicated to bringing researchers closer to the public. They showcase the diversity of research and highlight the impact of research on our daily lives. The aim is also to motivate young people to start research careers. The events promote how researchers contribute to our society by displaying their work in an interactive and engaging forum.

The objective of the European Researchers’ Night in Latvia Project is to raise the awareness of the larger public, especially young people, about science as well as to familiarize them with the scientist’s profession; to show the impact of sciences such as natural sciences, social sciences and humanities on everyday human life; to bring researchers closer to the Latvian society and to raise the interest of young people about research. Aim of the activities is to enhance public recognition of researchers’ profession and their role in Latvian society.

On Friday, September 27, in 17 cities and regions of Latvia, the European Researchers’ Night event "Science for the Future" took place. Scientific institutes, universities and other institutions in more than 40 sites throughout Latvia were open to visitors to get acquainted with scientific achievements and work of scientists. Students of the Institute of Solid State Physics participated in a united team of the University of Latvia at the Science House.


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