Digital workshop on Potential Application of Graphene in Electronics

Representatives from Materize unit of the ISSP UL and the Latvian – Swedish collaboration platform founded within CAMART2 project participated in the digital workshop on potential application of graphene in electronics, which took place on November 12.

Graphene flagship workshop was an opportunity to listen to the reports of the leaders of the work package of the project about the stage graphene development is in, the prospective industries that could use it and also the bottlenecks. After the reports, participants were invited to discuss presentations in small groups devoted to specific topics - sensors, electronics, etc.

A "speed dating" was also organized, where participants were randomly placed together one on one for a 3 to 4 minute conversation to understand their compliance to possible collaboration.

The pitch talk of ISSP UL was watched by Dr. Xiaoyan Zhang, Assistant Professor and leader of the group “Chemistry on 2D Materials” at Chalmers University, Sweden. Researchers from ISSP UL are looking forward to establishing cooperation in the field of graphene supercapacitors with Dr. Zhang as in his opinion it was promising to use material synthesized at the ISSP UL in energy devices.

Thanks to Dr. Qin Wang and Dr. Teresita Qvarnstrӧm from the CAMART2 Latvian – Swedish collaboration platform, the ISSP UL had an opportunity to present itself and participate with its Materize brand for direct collaboration with scientists.

Among more than 70 participants of the Graphene Flagship event were such companies as IRnova, Mycronic and Fraunhoffer.