Deputy Director for Innovation of ISSP UL participates in a visit to High Tech Campus Eindhoven

Deputy Director for Innovation Andris Anspoks participated in a regional visit to the province of Brabant, the Netherlands with the Ambassador of Latvia to the Netherlands Aiga Liepiņa on October 5, 2020. The Ambassador visited the High Tech Campus Eindhoven to get the information about the opportunities provided by the Brabant Development Agency to cooperate in the field of modern technologies.

In cooperation with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA), the Brabant Development Agency and the Honorary Consul of Latvia to the provinces of Brabant and Limburg, Emile Bruschinski, a business seminar was organized. Opening the seminar, the Ambassador emphasized Latvia’s interest in finding new opportunities for co-operation with the Netherlands in the fields of innovation and technology. Johan Feenstra, head of the Dutch company SMART Photonics, presented work on various innovative solutions in the field of photonics for medical, automotive and other industries.

Andris Anspoks, Deputy Director for Innovation at the Institute of Solid State Physics of the University of Latvia, provided an insight into the technologies offered by Latvian companies in the field of smart materials: 3D visualization in biomedicine, OLED, LCD, quantum, etc. During the seminar, it was concluded that there are several specific areas in which the expertise is similar for both Latvian companies and SMART Photonics, which could serve as a basis for establishing cooperation.


High Tech Campus Eindhoven is the smartest km² in Europe with more than 220 companies and institutes, and 12.000 researchers, developers and entrepreneurs working on developing future technologies and products. The Campus helps you accelerate your innovation by offering easy access to high tech facilities and international networks.

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) aims at increasing export and competitiveness of Latvian companies, facilitating foreign investment and implementing tourism development and innovation policies.

Brabant Development Agency (BOM) works together with businesses to create a robust, sustainable and future-proof economy for the province of Brabant. We aim to further economic growth, increase employment, solve social issues and create a leading role for Brabant.

SMART Photonics is a foundry offering production services for mainly Indium Phosphide based photonic components. We are an independent pure-play foundry, using our knowledge, experience and equipment to produce photonic components for our customers, based on their designs.