CAMART2 helps the ISSP UL to nurture its excellence

Labs of Latvia – Technology and Innovation platform has interviewed the senior researcher and deputy director for innovation at the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia Andris Anspoks about the development of the Institute and how CAMART2 project has boosted the modernization, development of infrastructure and scientific activities at the ISSP UL.

In the interview, Andris Anspoks emphasizes that the CAMART2 project, among other things, has also changed the paradigm of thinking. The importance of purpose for the things that are being created; the appreciation of applied science has manifested itself and the realization that researchers use their knowledge to solve global problems.

Since its foundation almost 20 years ago, the ISSP UL has had an objective to become the most significant center of excellence in science, education, innovation and technology transfer in the Baltic States. Despite the fact that it is a never-ending process, what has already been achieved in various projects, thanks to CAMART2, has surprised even the Institute’s Swedish colleagues from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) and RISE (Association of Swedish Research Institutes).

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