In order to promote export of scientific services in the area of innovative materials based technologies and cooperation with the industry, on 18 May at 18:00, Institute of Solid State Physics, UL (ISSP UL) will present its new brand Materize. During the event, start will be given also for it’s first activity – Deep Science Hackathon.

Goal of the new brand Materize is to make scientific expertise, competence and experience benefitial to the industry.

“The history shows that Latvia has always been a centre of high technologies. I believe that we have all preconditions to make Latvia such a centre again. Goal of our scientific institute is to develop technologies using innovative materials, which help in creation of new products in the industry of high technologies. Creation of products out of them is the role of business. Thus, through the creation of Materize as an efficient cooperation platform, we are able to make the scientific excellence efficient and valuable for the industry,” says Andris Anspoks, Institute of Solid State Physics Deputy Director for Innovation, adding that 48-hour event Deep Science Hackathon is a good first step in this direction.

Goal of the event is to identify high technology ideas and find teams for the implementation, creating new products and companies with significant contribution to the Baltic high technology industry, and it can result in outstanding achievements for Latvia, as well as provide significant contribution to the domestic and regional economy. Hackathon is arranged by the ISSP UL and S/B PRO Startup Studija.

Hackathon participants will have an opportunity to establish within 48 hours inter-disciplinary teams with previously submitted ideas, to develop these ideas together with mentors and present the plan of commercialization in front of jury, scientists, investors and interested persons at the end of the event. The best idea will be awarded a money prize, whereas, three best ideas will be assigned the opportunity to continue the implementation thereof at the ISSP UL in cooperation with the Swedish partners KTH and RISE, Polish partners InnoEnergyas well as S/B PRO Startup Studija within the six-month support programme, which includes support of mentors, creation of prototype and attraction of further funding, as well as other valuable prized from the sponsors.

“I am sure that we can create or improve ideas, which may turn into a successful business at such hackathons, thus contributing to the economic growth of our country. I believe that the next “Tesla” may be created also in Latvia. In order to make it come true, business needs scientists and vice versa,” says Normunds Bergs, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of SAF Tehnika and president of Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association.

More information on Materize is available on the website:

More information on Hackathon is available on the ISSP UL website:


About the Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia:

Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia is an internationally recognized leader with 40-year experience in material science offering internationally competitive research and innovative solutions for industrial applications. The Institute implements regionally significant Horizon 2020 project CAMART², funded by the European Commission. Project supports creation of efficient innovation system at the institute and mentors for the hackathon from Swedish partners KTH and RISE.

About S/B PRO Startup Studija:

S/B PRO Startup Studija is a development platform for fast-growing technology companies (start-up), which offers tools for the growth of business and founders, information and services for globally successful business implementation. As the first start-up studio in Latvia, S/B PRO Startup Studija is an active creator of innovation eco-system.

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