Materize Industry Day at the ISSP UL

On December 7, Materize, a unit established at the ISSP UL within the scope of the CAMART2 project to promote the export of scientific services in innovative materials-based technologies and cooperation with the industry, organized Industry Day for members of the Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association (LETERA).

Hosting LETERA members at the Institute’s special event was a pleasure. The Industry Day aimed to showcase ISSP UL’s expertise and capabilities to LETERA members and to promote Materize as ISSP UL’s brand for collaboration with the industry. The event further strengthened the relationship between Materize and LETERA.

The tour and demonstration of the state-of-the-art equipment gave the participants a better and clearer understanding of ISSP UL’s capabilities and possible collaboration in developing and characterising new materials and coatings. The prospect of cooperation in joint aerospace sector projects, where Materize can be an innovation enabler with its knowledge and experience, was also discussed.

LETERA was founded in 1995 to represent the interests of its members and promote the growth and popularization of the industry. It unites companies, research and educational institutions operating in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics, optical equipment, information technology and telecommunications, defense equipment, aviation and space technology. The association unites 90 members.