ISSP UL’s researcher presents guidelines for the development of scientific research works in the fields of science and physics for school students

In January, the National Centre for Education (NCE) in co-operation with Latvian higher education institutions organizes 12 online consultations for students of grades 9-12 who are developing their scientific research works (SRW) or plan to start their works this academic year.

The online consultation consists of a short theoretical introduction in which the expert shares the most important information in the development of the SRW in the relevant field of science and a question-and-answer section where students can get expert answers to questions about their SRW.

It is possible for students to receive consultations about writing SRW in general, on the choice of topic, on academic integrity and ethics, as well as consultations in various specific fields of science - medicine and health sciences, social sciences, engineering, natural sciences.

Guidelines for the development of SRW in science and physics were presented by ISSP UL’s leading researcher of laboratory of spectroscopy Dr.phys. Jurģis Grūbe.

The video consultation is available here