ISSP UL representatives visit RIX-STO collaboration partners in Sweden

ISSP UL’s team of researchers and specialists visited Swedish partners from RIX-STO collaboration platform within CAMART2. The visit to KTH and RISE in Kista took place on October 14-15. During the visit in Kista, ISSP UL was represented by the Deputy Director for Innovation Andris Anspoks, Head of Cleanroom Department & Maintenance group Valdis Korsaks, Leading researcher and Head of Laboratory of Prototyping of Electronic and Photonic devices Gatis Mozoļevskis, as well as by representatives from ISSP UL’s Materize Innovation unit - project manager Katrīna Zabarovska and senior expert Alfs Raudis.

The aim of the visit was to discuss the progress of CAMART2 implementation; exchange CAMART2 related ideas with the partners, and meet companies.

Alfs Raudis presented ISO 9001:2015 QMS as the Internal and external audits were approaching. He also participated in a discussion on QMS development next steps and important topics as well as shared vision on further phases on QMS. From RISE and KTH the following people participated – Teresita Qvarnstrom, Nils Nordell, Per Wahlin, Aleksandr Radojcic, Kenny Hey Tow. More Swedish participants joined separate sessions.

In a joint expert meeting, Alfs Raudis together with Valdis Korsaks, Per Wahlin and Aleksandr Radojcic reviewed prospects to implement ISO 14001:2015 as well as LIMS related issues and chemical waste treatment. Participants visited Electrum Cleanroom facilities and had discussions on next steps and directions of Cleanroom management in ISSP UL.

In a parallel meeting, Andris Anspoks, Gatis Mozoļevskis together with Anta Gailiša un Jānis Latvels, who both participated in the meeting remotely and represented Materize Innovation unit, had discussion on innovation related issues such as innovation development, IP management, and regional collaboration (RIX-STO platform).

Further on, issues on OAL process integration and ways to promote integrated services were discussed. Approach to combine development of demonstrators and organization of series of joint webinars was agreed upon.

Visit to RISE Power Electronic Lab was organized to demonstrate services of equipment testing in high voltage conditions. In meeting with a Swedish company NanoSize ultra-pure water generation and quality measurement services and possible cooperation was presented.