Attending the EARMA conference

The EARMA (European Association of Research Managers and Administrators) 2023 conference brought together European research leaders and administrators in Prague on April 24-26, 2023. The event was a resounding success with an unprecedented attendance of almost 1,400 participants. This annual event served as a platform for the research management, administration, and support community to gather and share valuable insights and information.

The theme of the conference, "Widening and Deepening of the RMA Profession," explored both geographical and professional widening, while emphasizing the professional development of RMAs in Europe and beyond.

The event included lectures, work and discussion groups, experience story workshops, an exhibition of various science-supporting organizations and companies, as well as networking time during various breaks, meals and social events. A pre-conference program was held on April 24, which included training and workshops.

A 4-person delegation from the ISSP UL participated in the conference’s events, representing the administration and project attraction and implementation support team.

Within the framework of the conference, various useful contacts were made, experience exchange with other centers in Europe, and new knowledge and insights about the attraction of international projects, implementation and support formats for scientists were gained.


Detailed information about the conference