Project meetings


After successful launch of the project, a number of activities has taken place. Project organisation has been set up by appointing the leaders of all work packages, and the initial appointing of the key staff to execute the tasks in coordination with the project partners KTH and RISE Acreo.

Definition of the new organisation for the institute is under way, refining of the strategy for science and innovation, setting up Open access procedures and processes, as well as overall outreach organisation.

Number of the courses for ISSP UL staff has taken place, including courses on the process of innovations and innovations fostering culture, H2020 proposal and impact writing course, and IPR management.

At the same time, infrastructure development project is being started for installation of the new equipment, and refurbishment and renovation of the facilities.

Strong emphasis has been placed on starting the project well and making necessary efforts to involve all relevant staff to ensure good development in science, innovations, organisational and culture change, networking and broader integration with international scientific and innovations community.