Collaboration opportunities in Ljubljana, Slovenia

On December 19-21, Ilze Aulika, from MATERIZE sales unit visited RoboLab (Laboratory of robotics) at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and Department of Electronic Ceramics of Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI), Ljubljana, Slovenia.


At RoboLab, representative of MATERIZE was introduced with RoboLab activities (human-robot collaboration interface, haptic sensitivity) and 6D robotic printing of materials. The design of a new sensors for robotics and exoskeletons, integration problems, mechanical strength, flexibility and power consumption of current commercial sensors, Time-of-Flight sensors as a new approach for tactile sensing, the development and characterization of new materials, the features of the ICT-47 and FETOPEN were discussed.


RoboLab has long-standing excellence in the field of man and machine movement analysis, artificial and natural motor control, and psycho physiology measurements. The group has good track in robotic research and applications in clinical as well as in industrial environment.


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Whereas at the Department of Electronic Ceramics of JSI, new collaboration opportunities and current research on piezomaterials in JSI and ISSP were disused.