MATERIZE activities for new collaborations

During the visit Torino, Italy, representative from ISSP MATERIZE sales unit attended “The European Mobility & Industry Venture Forum 2018 (EMIVF)’’, “VTM, Vehicle & Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings” and participated in the MESAP event “Collaborative Project Building Day”. Ideas and construction of partnerships for the next call dedicated to the Innovation Poles were presented.


iThis event gave a unique opportunity for the most innovative entrepreneurs operating in: Automotive (supply chain, weight reduction, propulsion systems, energy storage, etc.), Smart Mobility (connectivity, shared mobility, cybersecurity, etc.) and Industry 4.0 (industrial IoT, smart manufacturing, data & analytics, etc.) to meet and present themselves to active international investors and corporations seeking for investment and partnerships.

30 technology start-ups from across Europe were selected to present at the Forum by members of the Selection Committee of Expert Jury who  assessed them on the basis of their business potential, technology merit, competitive position, investment interest and team experience.


VTM Torino is a new mobility technology event that brings together the vehicle and transportation community: from vehicle makers and tier suppliers to mobility decision makers, disruptive technology entrepreneurs and solution providers.

This event featured a full program of conference sessions that brought together the vehicle and transportation community to explore the key challenges and opportunities of the future of mobility and new vehicle technologies.


MESAP is the Innovation Pole for mechatronics and advanced production systems. It deals with smart products and advanced manufacturing and its specializations are: systems for the development of production processes, micro and nano technologies, photonics, materials and structures production processes, man-machine interfaces, automation systems. The Pole has 252 members: 27 startups, 141 small enterprises, 39 medium enterprises, 34 large companies (most of them international corporations), 2 universities and 9 public and private research centres. MESAP members have realized 40 collaborative research and development projects.


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