Article about MATERIZE published on Innovation Newswork platform

On August 20, the Innovation Newsnetwork has published an article about ISSP UL’s brand Materize, which was designed as an industry collaboration innovation platform to establish a single point of contact where science can be beneficial to business and which also provides access to both the expertise and resources of the ISSP UL.

Olga Bogdanova, Materize Sales Director, said: “Everything we do is targeted to connect clients with science and ensure we help to resolve all issues they are struggling with along the way.”

By drawing on the experience of ISSP UL, Materize works alongside industry to develop internationally competitive research innovations in the fields of thin films, electronics, light emitters, fiber optics, sensors, and photonics, which have applications ranging from ICT to energy harvesting.

Materize finds a way to make an idea a reality by involving a specially formed team of scientists from relevant fields. An easy access to modern infrastructure, well-equipped nanofabrication facility based on 650m2 ISO class 7-8 cleanroom, as well the know-how which has been accumulated over a period in excess of 40 years, provide an excellent environment for brilliant innovations.

Dr phys. Andris Anspoks, Materize General Manager, said: “In recent years a lot of effort has been devoted to creating an easily accessible science and innovation platform for our partners. We not only wanted to become more open for local and international companies, but also to become more open inside of the Institute. We have therefore applied an open access laboratory concept together with a laboratory information management system, which allows transparent access to all lab equipment and devices for ISSP UL researchers and external users, including industry. In today’s world, all projects have become increasingly multi-disciplinary and so require a more flexible approach.”

These activities are supported by the ISSP UL’s Horizon 2020 Teaming project CAMART², which, as one of the largest projects in Latvian science, received European Commission funding for strategic development in assistance of the top players in the field from Sweden – Royal Institute of Technologies (KTH) and Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE).

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